"Women Empowering Women"
Advisory Group

Women often wear many hats and are unselfish in giving of themselves.

AWEWAG is a women advisory empowerment group with a goal to empower those women that are unselfishly giving of themselves.

These women typically are confident, resilient, survivors, achievers etc.
At times they lack confidence to reinvent their goals & desires. They may need a hand up rather than a handout. It may be a temporary shoulder to lean on but often times it’s a non-judgmental support group where they get to explore their multifaceted authentic selves.

With AWEWAG they will start an unorthodox journey with an iterative personal milestone of their choosing.

The goal is to give unconditionally to themselves before giving to others.

It’s an empowering journey.
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"Unlocking the gate to unseen possibilities”
"Your thoughts become things"

How we began

This initiative started in the 90’s with a young group of diverse women on an Army base in Germany. Women being the minority, our ambitions were trivialized, yet our experiences were vast. Living on foreign soil, we were apprehensive of sharing life issues, personal / professional, growth or conflicts, “what if” concerns & doubts, being motivated or just surviving the grind. This isn’t an exhaustive list but an insight of not knowing that togetherness brings about empowerment and knowledge brings about wisdom to plan accordingly.


    Meet the Advisors

    Advisors are a diverse group of women residing in various locations.
    The women bring their own uniqueness to the group.
    Whether it’s culture, persevering personal and or professional challenges, preparing for marathons,
    surviving health complications, mentoring professional growth, etc.
    The list goes on because the empowerment is a continuous growth.

    Meet the Conqueror


    Meet the Competitor

    Hazel Turnbull

    "We are what we believe!"

    Meet the Contender

    Shaney Lokken

    Aglosi Women Empowering Women Advisory Group (AWEWAG) member

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